Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two days left

Going away dinner tonite. Impressed that nearly all of the staff showed up. Wow! Even my boss and he didn't show up at the last retirement dinner for the previous manager.

I gave a little talk about each person on the team. Not sure how I sounded - but I got some laughs. Started and ended well.

No responses from the resumes I sent out on Monday and Tuesday. Made some contacts to other managers that might be hiring within my company. Will continue this for a few more managers that I know.

I will get my reference list created. I will also get my business license and go ahead and start my own company. That will be fun.

I feel good that I know my options for bankruptcy. My biggest problem is that I have a $6k bill that I need to pay before August 15th ~ this is not good. It is to finish my degree . . . .

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