Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Three more days at my current job.

Today I got a lot done at work. Ways to save money in regards to vaccinations, allergy, injectable medications, and DME costs. This collective knowledge could not have come from another currently employed with my employer. So, that makes me feel good.

On the other hand, I researched bankruptcy laws to find out my options. And I feel pretty good knowing that Chapter 7 is a real option for me. I would like to do Chapter 13, but what I understand is that a majority of those who go into Chapter 13, never finish. It takes three to five years. Chapter seven will wipe my slate clean and I will be able to finance another home within 2 years or as soon as I can get the 20% down. Hmmmm, that sounds pretty good. I think I will get more like 80% down by living in a crummy place for a while.

I submitted my resume to another lead - who I have met previously. Note that I did not submit any resumes over the fourth of July holiday weekend. I feel something should come from that.

Wierdly enough, I am extremely attracted to my ex-husband. Something about being vulnerable financially maybe, not sure.

I continue to dream about my current employer begging me to stay . . . . Reality ~ I am not irreplaceable. But I really don't care about the big cats who want things done now; kind of nice. It will happen when it happens (as far as reports or details of a case).

That is my blog for today.

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